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detox website now up and running

- less than 1 minute read

detox website for my jazz quintet is now up and running. we play jazz clubs, functions and wedding receptions in the south wales area - Cardiff, Bridgend, Sw...

Canon ip4500 under Ubuntu 7.10

- 1 minute read

My old epson 760 stylus kept crashing so I bit the bullet and went for a Canon ip4500 printer.

org-mode support

- less than 1 minute read

Just a quick thanks to Carsten Dominik, the author of org-mode, for his amazing support. I upgraded to one of the latest versions of org-mode last night (4.0...

first version of org-na

- less than 1 minute read

I have written a short perl program which prints out a list of org-mode tags (which I use for next actions as per GTD).